using pip

The most easy way to install ai4water is using pip

pip install ai4water

However, if you are interested in using only specific module of ai4water, you can choose to install dependencies related to that module only. For example to use only machine learning based models use can use ml option as Following

pip install ai4water[ml]

For list of all options see installation options options

using file

go to folder where repository is downloaded

python install

installation options

The all option will install all the dependencies. You can choose the dependencies of particular sub-module by using the specific keyword. Following keywords are available

  • hpo if you want hyperparameter optimization

  • post_process if you want postprocessing

  • exp for experiments sub-module

  • eda for exploratory data analysis sub-module

  • ml for classical machine learning models

  • tf for using tensorflow

  • torch for using pytorch